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Shed the Winter Weight

08 September 2015

Shed the winter weight with your best mate.

How you and your dog can shed layers together!

Spring has sprung which means summer is on the way! There’s no doubt we all want to be in tip top shape when summer arrives and your best friend feels the same. Why not enjoy the company of your loyal companion as you both improve your health with psychical exercise and good diet? You may know what it takes to get yourself ready for summer but we at BOSS can advise you on what you can do for your precious pooch.

It’s understandable that you and your dog may have acquired an additional layer of insulation this winter, it happens to the best of us! Instead of regular walks and park visits, the cold winter mornings encouraged lie-ins and evening cuddles by the fire. Now that spring is in the air it’s time for you and your hound to shape up. Below are a few ideas to get you on your way.

Move the Food

For you this means removing all the unhealthy food from your shopping trolley and cupboards. (This includes the secret stash of chocolates for “emergencies”). For your pooch, this means getting rid of the auto-feeder and keeping to strict, regulated meal times made up of good quality food like BOSS. You might also consider simply moving the location of your pet’s food bowl, move it upstairs, then downstairs or into the garden to get your dog on the move. See our product guide for recommended servings for your dogs size.

Change Your Diet

Out with winter’s hi-carb, comfort food and in with balanced and complete nutrition. This goes for you and your furry friend! Bring on the summer salads and purchase quality, high protein, low carb pet food like BOSS for your dog. A positive change lin your diet can result in increased energy, vitality and immunity for you and your loyal companion.  

Get Active

The sun is out and you should be too! There’s no need to rely on your friend joining you at the gym. Your dog will be more than happy to join you on a walk around the block or a trip to the park, no excuses! Slowly increase the intensity and length of your daily walk and you’ll find that your elevated heart rate during aerobic activity will help you both shed your winter weight, and build your pet owner bond. 

Monitor and Reward

Be sure to monitor your progress and reward yourselves accordingly. For you, this may be a new item of clothing for your summer wardrobe. For your delighted dog, we recommend a ball, rope or toy that encourages games of fetch or physical engagement.  

BOSS offers a delicious range of high quality wet and dry pet food products that offer Peak Protection and encourage healthier and more active lives for pets and their proud owners. The BOSS range of pet food offer a complete, balanced meal for your dogs, not matter their age or size. For more information view the BOSS product range.

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