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Leadership Team Tasting Policy

08 September 2015

We trust our food so much, we test it ourselves

Premium pet food undergoes regular taste test

If your looking for a premium pet food brand that is committed to providing your pooch with the nutrients it needs, then look no further. At Promeal our dedicated leadership team believes so vehermently in the quality of our food that a selection of the team taste test every nights production themselves. The company’s two flagship brands, BOSS and Petley’s, are renowned for their consistent production of quality pet food that provides balanced and complete nutrition.  The Promeal leadership team’s tasting policy is evidence of their desire and dedication to consistancy in quality.

The entire Promeal team is comprised of passionate people who love pets; from senior management to our factory staff. Our team is dedicated to producing wholesome and nutritious food because we believe every pet deserves only the best in their nutrition and health. It is our intention to manufacture our pet food with the same care and quality ingredients that we would serve our own families.

In order to deliver this consistent production of quality pet food, members of the leadership team - including Managing Director Tania Morgan-Weyer and Process Executive Deon Gorgens - taste the previous night’s line each morning to ensure that Promeal’s products are achieving only the highest standards of satisfaction. 

This might seem slightly unusual but this tasting policy is a testimony to our dedication and the superior quality of our ingredients. Our leadership team participates in the taste test with the knowledge that every Promeal product is crafted from honest and wholesome ingredients that are high in protein, with no nasty additives. In addition to this, the Promeal factory has achieved global accreditation that certifies their high level of hygiene, food safety and quality management systems. As a result, our leadership team can sample a selection of products from the production line with confidence and comfort.  

These standards were established in our comprehensive feeding trials where our products were devoured with tail-wagging approval.  You can rest assured knowing that your pet is receiving complete balanced nutrition that has our leadership team’s “tried and tasted” stamp of approval.

For more information on Promeal’s pet products visit BOSS here.

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