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About BOSS

Made for Champion Dogs

Boss dog food offers complete and balanced nutrition for pets of all sizes and age. With high quality ingredients, key dietary balance and packed with a punch of personality this pet food really is, the Boss. Boss is made with care and consideration for those active, go-getter pooches that love tail-wagging taste, and need proper pet nutrition. Only Boss’s wet canned food offers your pet full Peak Protection™ in a complete balanced meal and at an affordable price. 

Peak Protection for All Life Stages

Making nutrition easier for you, Boss provides delicious and nutritious food for your dogs – no matter their age. Boss’s trusted and tested formulation guarantees that your dog receives Peak Protection™ based on life stage. Pups can get the energy they need to grow and your ol’ boy will receive the perfect formulation for his joints and aging coat and teeth. So now, all your four legged family members will receive all they need for healthy digestion, shiny skin and coat, strong teeth and bones and a good immune system. 

- Strong Bones & Teeth – optimal ratio of calcium and phosphorus to help build and maintain strong teeth and bones
- Digestive Health – Fibre aids the passage of stools through the digestive tract promoting regular bowel movements and ultimately digestive health.
- Improved Immunity – A combination of antioxidants, including Vitamin E, help support and maintain a healthy immune system so that your dog may have better protection.
- Energy and Vitality – formulated to give your dog a complete and balances food prepared from animal and vegetable proteins to support the energy and vitality your dog deserves
- Shiny coat – Premium ingredient blends of animal fat and vegetable oils which are rich in essential fatty acids and minerals, such as zinc, to support a shiny and soft coat, an indicator of your dog’s vitality.

Boss Knows Best

Your pets know what’s good for them, and after an independent taste test, have given Boss their tail wagging approval. With our Doggy consumer giving Boss the wag of approval, Boss’s bark is as strong as its bite. Packed with complete nutrition, Boss has all the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants your furry pal needs as well as a healthy balance of protein and energy. Boss is an all-round product and comes in a dry and wet food option for your convenience as well as in life stages so you know your pets are getting the perfect nutrition for their ages.