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Fairy Dog Mothers

31 October 2016

How does it feel to be a Boss Hero for Promeal?

It feels very good to have made a difference in a few dogs lives so far. 


What initiatives have you taken to help the animal community?

With the money that we have made by selling cake, cupcakes, brownies  and other goods, not only have we rescued the Maltese,  we have also managed to buy extra dog bowls, dog food, shampoo, brooms, buckets, towels, dog leads, collars and cleaning supplies for the kennels.


How did you become passionate about saving and improving the lives of pets?

We got into rescuing, at the end  of 2015, when we saw a little Yorkie that was lost and was kept at the Parkview Vet.  When we saw her we just fell in love and knew that we had to save her. Lulu became one of the family.

We then saw another little Yorkie, that looked just like our Lulu that was advertised on the French Poodle, Maltese and Yorkie Rescue SA.  We contacted Alda and Kerstin and became part of the Rescue group. 

We started off by taking photos of the dogs and posting them on face book to try to re-home them.  Now that we have managed to close down the puppy mill, we have to keep on selling our goods, so that all the dogs can be sterilized. Most of the Maltese are at Cadeau Kennels, in Midrand, but the oldies and mommies with babies are in foster care.

We also contacted Plasticland and they donated beds to the value of R1100.  We were very happy.


What advice do you have for other youth who would like to give some of their spare time to helping at shelters or raising money?

It is loads of fun to go a kennel over the weekend, walk the dogs, play with them and give them some love. Just do it!!


How has the community assisted you in achieving your goals?

Our neighbourhood has been amazing, by supporting us in buying our goods every week.


How can people get involved in supporting your causes?

Any form of donations, like dog food, bedding, cleaning supplies, money as donations towards the vet bills and also by helping covering the monthly kennel costs.


 Do you have a motto that you live by?

Love animals as if they were family.



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