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The Dogbox Project - July Hero

19 July 2016

BOSS for Dogs believes in Taking The Lead in Pet Protection by focusing our energy and resources towards supporting the local heroes of the animal community and their initiatives. Here we tell the stories of our BOSS Take The Lead heroes. These are the human hero’s who are boldly and selfishly improving the lives of animals and pets in South Africa, one dog at a time.

This month we celebrate our BOSS Take The Lead Hero, Adéle Lombard, founder of the Dog Box Project, which started in 2012.

The project started as a Mandela Day Initiative back in 2012 and has become an ongoing project due to popular demand. The aim of the project is to donate and distribute dog kennels to less fortunate communities by hosting kennel-decorating events. The public is able to participate as teams to build and decorate the kennels. To date, the Dogbox Project has donated 735 kennels to dogs in need around South Africa. This year BOSS for Dogs has joined forces with Adele and co-founder Louw Lombard of the Dog Box Project to support the 2016 Mandela Day initiative.

Sponsored by BOSS, the event will be hosted on 23 July 2016 from 13:00 at Tyger Valley Shopping Center as we aim to get 67 teams, to make 67 kennels in 67 minutes. For more information or to sign up please email info please call or email Adele on 082 9252 671 or

What are some of the challenges you have encountered on your journey?

The need of animal shelters is growing by the day. Blankets, food and kennels are always needed and of these 3 items, kennels are unfortunately the most expensive. As funds are limited, the shelters are not always able to purchase them for dogs or new owners.

We are entirely reliable on donations from individuals and companies such as ProMeal. Other challenges are finding venues to help us to host an event. Lastly, the transport to collect or deliver the kennels to the organisations/shelter is always also a big hurdle.

Since it is winter now, what are some of your initiatives to keep dogs warm and healthy?

We are currently planning an outreach to Oudtshoorn and Uniondale, where the needs of the animals there is huge. It is extremely cold and the community can’t afford to contribute to the well being of the pets.

We are busy sourcing alternative kennels in the form of plastic and steel bins. We are also aiming to send a blanket and pillow (made of hessian material and filled with saw dust) as well as good nutrition with each bin.

How does it feel being selected as one of the Boss Hero’s for Promeal?

We feel extremely honoured and privileged that such a big market leader in the pet food industry is supporting our project.

We hope that we will be able to build on the partnership and together inspire others to also do their part.

What is your vision for The Dogbox Project?

At this stage our short-term goal is to reach for 1000 kennels and we would like to hit that mark in 2016.

In the longer run we would like to build on the success of the Dogbox Project, and continue making a difference in our communities’ even further out in the smaller rural areas.

Any words of wisdom?

I truly believe that anyone can make a difference. Think big, but start small and once you find your feet your supporters will help you grow.

As Nelson Mandela said:



If you would like to learn more, when the next event will be or how you can support The DogBox Project, visit their website at, or Facebook Page @DogBoxProject

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