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ProMeal Taking the Lead

22 August 2016

Taking a brave stand against all odds in the wake of the 2014 recession, our ProMeal team -  the second largest wet pet nutrition manufacturer in South Africa at the time - embarked on a very significant journey for our company, flagship brands as well as the local South African pet food industry.

With a new MD, Tania Morgan-Weyer, at the helm and charged with leading the change, a new leadership team as well as a new set of company goals, vision and mission; we set out to make waves in a stagnant category. Realising the only way to make a positive impact in the South African pet food industry was to do things differently, with great care and through an engaged, dedicated and passionate workforce who were prepared to go the extra mile, we embarked on a voyage of growth, innovation, category leadership as well as a core focus on increased product compliance and quality. We focused on the basics and used ‘world class’ as our benchmark. And we’re succeeding.

With our passion for pets at the core of our inspiration we set out to improve our organisation’s structure, performance and production with the essential goal of improving the superiority of our flagship brands, BOSS and Petley’s, to not only provide better options to pet loving consumers but more nutritious pet foods for our favourite four legged pets.

As a pet food boutique specialising in the craft of nutritious pet food ProMeal wanted to build on our 25 years’ experience based in the agricultural heritage and move our brands and the industry forward. We have taken the lead with driving product quality.

Part of being a local leader also means believing and investing in local people. Having a workforce who are brave enough to face change is something that we as a company hold dear. Without our ProMeal people - our tribe, this journey would not be near as successful.    

Starting internally, we worked day in and day out to improve our people, processes and production, both in terms of quality as well as compliance. We reformulated and repackaged our house brands, BOSS and Petley’s, with modernised and premium packaging to follow global trends. Together with our new identity we also launched our new vision, mission and TRIBE values. We see the new ProMeal family as a TRIBE; a ‘TRIBE’ can be defined as a large family, a group of people speaking the same language and with similar beliefs, who are dependent on the land around them. This definition outlines how we see our ProMeal team. It defines us as a family. We believe we need to stand together as a TRIBE to achieve the goals we have set in place for ProMeal, both short term and long term.

We have also initiated CSI campaigns and social activated challenges to Take The Lead in South Africa for Pet Protection on top of it all. And, as leaders we also challenge other local manufacturers to step up to the stake we have placed and support our industry to grow, improve and supply only top quality pet nutrition to pets of families in all economic brackets.

Here is a video summarising the highlights from our journey.  


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