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Promeal’s ‘Take The Lead’ Campaign Bags Bronze Accolade

21 April 2016

On Sunday the 17th of April at the 19th annual PRISM Awards (PR industry awards), Promeal were presented with the highly respected accolade of a BRONZE PRISM Award. 
The award was presented to Promeal for the successful execution and creativity of the ‘TAKE THE LEAD’ Kennel Building campaign, which launched internally at Promeal in September 2015. 

The TAKE THE LEAD initiative is a long-term company strategy and the launch was designed to introduce the company’s new vision, mission and T.R.I.B.E values (Team Work. Responsible Leadership. Innovation. Beautiful Planet. Execute with Excellence) as well as launch the TAKE THE LEAD corporate belief system of focusing energy and resources towards supporting the welfare of pets in South African. “Our overall vision as an organisation is to ‘TAKE THE LEAD’ in pet care in Sub-Saharan Africa and get pets’ tails wagging in appreciation for our passion, people and products,” explains Managing Director Tania Morgan-Weyer, “To achieve this externally in the industry we believed we needed to TAKE THE LEAD from within first.”


The TAKE THE LEAD internal launch marked a special day at Promeal, not only of new beginnings and company transformation, but it was also a day when all tools were downed, the production line paused and the entire organisation, from the Leadership team to every factory staff member, worked together to create handmade kennels for pets in need of shelters. 25 bespoke kennels were built and decorated by the Promeal TRIBE (Internal team) and later distributed to families in the Atlantis region (as nominated by the community) as well as to pet shelters and welfare programs around the Western Cape; including TEARS, SA_MAST, DARG and Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch. This activity was created to show internal and external members that Promeal is serious about taking the lead in animal welfare in South Africa.  This includes dedicating the majority of resources to producing high quality and superior pet nutrition. 



The Promeal business is the proverbial David standing brave against the multi-national Goliaths in the pet nutrition industry.  The team believes the only way to make a positive impact in the South African pet food industry is to do things differently, with great care and through an engaged, dedicated and passionate workforce who are prepared to go the extra mile. 

In the run up to the TAKE THE LEAD launch, the company has embarked on a journey and a new way of working. The new business model includes a marketing strategy that is focused on building the local industry, protecting animal welfare in the region and taking extra care to produce quality products, opposed to large and expensive marketing tools such as Television executions.  The new business and its transformation journey are steered by the leadership from Managing Director Tania Morgan-Weyer and a blue chip leadership team. 



The campaign continues to live on at Promeal via the internal TAKE THE LEAD award, which can be awarded to any team member at any time for showcasing any of the T.R.I.B.E values. The company also has big plans to expand on the TAKE THE LEAD efforts in 2016. The communication recognition award from the PRISM Awards is dedicated to all the highly passionate and devoted Promeal team members who are helping Promeal TAKE THE LEAD. The ideology of the campaign will continue to steer business and communication strategies.,” says, Morgan-Weyer

With over 200 entries from 53 agencies in South Africa, only 49 awards were presented to the most impactful and creative communication campaigns. 

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